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NOLSW Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter
Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

NOLSW/UAW Local 2320 has issued a statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” -Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail


Black Lives Matter.  An injustice perpetrated against the humanity of a black or brown person erodes the integrity of society and robs the hope and future of our communities. NOLSW, UAW Local 2320 is a union of social justice activists. We value people and we fight with and for them, often during the weakest and most vulnerable periods of their lives.  We lift each other up so we can all continue to do amazing, transformative work in the world. 


To say the past several weeks have been overwhelming is an understatement, there are no words to describe the horror of watching video coverage of a black man being lynched at the hands of a white police officer. To know that that image will live in the minds of his children, family and loved ones forever is unfathomable.  To hear bystanders plead for his life while none of the four police officers on the scene did anything to stop his preventable death is inconceivable. To also know that George Floyd is the most recent in a long line of black and brown lives lost to police brutality is appalling.  We must join together to make sure George Floyd is the last. 


Like so many of you, feelings of grief, rage, anxiety, fear and trauma have consumed us this week. As we sat with those feelings and watched people around the world flood the streets in protest, another feeling emerged.  A feeling of hope.  This moment feels like a tipping point, a time when real change in this country is possible.  Let’s work together as a union to do our part to bend the long arc of the moral universe toward justice. (MLK)  


Here are some things you can do right now as an individual:


Grab a friend and go to a protest.  

Contact the National Lawyers Guild and become a legal observer.

Donate to organizations that support the fight for racial justice and an end to police violence such as Black Lives Matter, National Lawyers Guild, ACLU, or the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Sign petitions or text/call/email for justice. 

Educate yourself or friends and family about racial justice issues.

Register to vote if you haven’t already.

Support, campaign and vote for candidates of color and candidates that support racial justice.

Share what you’ve done on the NOLSW Facebook page and invite others to join you.


Here are some things you can do as an NOLSW unit:


Gather a group of members to attend a protest together.

Coordinate with your unit to support protesters by providing water, snacks, sunscreen, first aid kits and other supplies at a local protest.

Educate members about racial justice issues.

Vote on and make a donation to Black Lives Matter, National Lawyers Guild, ACLU, or the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.


Here are some things NOLSW is doing in support of this work:


Forma Civil Rights Committee.

Form a Political Action Committee. 

Provide training to educate, empower, and provide skills to help members in the fight for racial and economic justice.

Lobby in support of policies that support racial justice, criminal justice reform, and economic justice.


In Solidarity, Peace, and Power,


NOLSW, UAW Local 2320, National Executive Board & Staff 

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