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Updated On: Nov 21, 2016

A secret ballot for the election of contested offices of Trustees, Regional Northeast VP, Regional Southwest VP, and Regional West VP is being conducted by mail. Ballots for this election will be mailed along with this notice on or about October 26, 2016. Your ballot will allow you to vote for the following officers based on your region: in the Northeast Region, you will vote for Trustees and Northeast Regional Vice-President; in the Southwest Region, you will vote for the Trustees and Southwest Regional Vice-President. In the West Region, you will vote for the Trustees and West Regional Vice-President. In the Southeast and Midwest Regions, you will vote for the Trustees.

Instructions For Mail Ballot Voting

Please read the following instructions carefully before marking and mailing your ballot:

  • Mark an "X" in the box next to the name of the candidates of your choice. Do not place your name, initials, or any other identifying information on the ballot. Ballots containing any identifiable information will be voided.
  • Place your marked ballot in the small envelope labeled "Secret Ballot Envelope' and seal it. Do not write on this envelope. You must use the "Secret Ballot Envelope" to insure that ballot secrecy is maintained. Failure to use the "Secret Ballot" envelope will result in your ballot being voided when the ballots are counted. If your ballot package does not contain a "Secret Ballot Envelope", you may obtain one by contacting Ellen Schulman, for the Election Committee, at 1-800-UAW 2320 or
  • Insert the sealed "Secret Ballot Envelope" containing the marked ballot into the return envelope pre-addressed to the Local Union 2320 Election Committee and seal it. PRINT your name and address in the return space on the return ballot envelope.
  • Your name on the return ballot envelope will identify you as an eligible Voter. The number in the lower left corner of the return ballot envelope will be used by the Election Committee for sorting ballots and determining voter eligibility at the ballot count. Your vote will remain secret because the Secret Ballot Envelope containing your marked ballot will be separated from the return envelope and randomly mixed with other Secret Ballot Envelopes before it is opened and the ballots counted.
  • Ballot secrecy can only be preserved if you personally mark and mail your ballot. Do not allow anyone else to mark or handle your ballot. Do not give your ballot to anyone else for mailing, and do not hand-deliver your ballot.

IMPORTANT: Mail your ballot in sufficient time for it to be received (not postmarked) by US Mail at the designated address by midnight November 17, 2016.

Any eligible member who does not receive a ballot at their home address by November 3rd—or who accidentally spoils a ballot—may obtain a new ballot by contacting Ellen Schulman, for the Election Committee, at 1-800-UAW 2320 or If you request and return another ballot, only the replacement ballot will be counted.

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